Did you find some lost toys at Celebrate Petworth?

Where did Garfield go?

A little 11-month old Petworthian girl lost her toys at Celebrate Petworth on Saturday somewhere along Upshur Street. Apparently she just learned the art of throwing your toys out of the stroller. What fun!

Until you lose them.

Melissa wrote to me to say that her child was pretty upset at the discovery (losing the toys, not so much the new found fun of throwing them). Gone missing are a stuffed Garfield and a Taggies Barnyard Lamb. Melissa said that the Garfield doll was hers from the 1980s and she really hopes someone found it. She said her daughter might have tossed the toys overboard along the way from 16th and Webster toward the Festival.

If you found them or know where they ended up, shoot me an email and I'll connect you!