Survey on merging Petworth and Greater Grant Circle listservs

Some photo of a random guy looking perplexed using a computer.

Some photo of a random guy looking perplexed using a computer.

I have created a survey (below) for you to help me as I work to transition the Greater Grant Circle and the Petworth listservs to a new platform (since Yahoo Groups is closing down). As I was putting it together, I wondered at the option of merging these two listservs and reducing email clutter (and hey, no lie here, reducing my administrative work…).

  • "Greater Grant Circle" serves the areas around Grant and Sherman Circles, but it tends to get posts that are applicable to the whole neighborhood.

  • The “Petworth" listserv is supposed to be for all of Petworth generally…so…

Do we want to merge them both into one larger list called “Greater Petworth” (and making the name therefore match the Greater Petworth Facebook group)?

Or, do you think there is value in keeping the two listservs separate?

If we keep them separate… how about renaming “Greater Grant Circle” to "Grant & Sherman Circles” so it’s more inclusive?

Submit your answers to the survey below and I’ll finish up migrating everyone in the next couple of weeks.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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