President Lincoln’s Cottage has two cool evening tours coming up, and more

Photo: Bruce Guthrie

Photo: Bruce Guthrie

I heard from President Lincoln’s Cottage that they’re doing two special night-time tours of the Cottage this Thursday, March 17th and next Wednesday, March 23rd, at 6pm. 

“We think this is a neat opportunity for people in the neighborhood to see the Cottage from a different perspective if they’ve been before, or provide folks an opportunity to see it for the first time,” said Curtis Harris, the Cottage's marketing coordinator.
Enjoy President Lincoln’s beloved summer home where he developed the Emancipation Proclamation for a unique experience of evening tours on March 17 and March 23! Each tour will last an hour and follows the format of our Signature Cottage Tour.  

Space is limited to 20 people per tour, so purchase your tickets now for this extraordinary opportunity before they sell out.

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