Latney's Funeral Home to become 20-unit apartment, 2 parking spots

Current Latney's Funeral Home at 3831 Georgia Avenue NW

If you think we don't have enough apartments on Georgia Avenue with too little allocated parking, well, good news!

What is now Latney's Funeral Home (3831 Georgia Ave NW) will be demolished to put up a 20-unit residential building with 2 parking spots (zoning requirements specify 10 parking spots for a building of this size). The building will also feature a 1,488 sq foot retail space at the ground floor.

I would imagine future residents of this building won't receive zoned street parking permits, so hopefully hipsters who love bikes and Car2Go are the target customers for this new building. 

This is proposed -- the developer will need a variance for the parking decrease and will need to go before ANC 4C for the commissions approval. This is in Timothy Jones' SMD (4C08). You can email Commissioner Jones at

Rendering of project planned for 3831 Georgia Avenue

Rendering of project planned for 3831 Georgia Avenue

Here's my previous Facebook post on it from March 19th, with an update from March 23rd... originally Murillo Malnati said 5 parking spaces would be requested:

"[Commissioner Jones] said that the development will include two inclusionary zoning units (affordable housing), one at 50% of AMI and the other at 80%. The new building will have five parking spaces ("including one for the handicapped"). The developer expects the project to be completed in two years. (To date no BZA application has been submitted or plans approved by DCRA.) 

On March 23rd, I updated the post:
Commissioner Jones consulted with the office of the Zoning Administrator today regarding this project. The redeveloped building will require ten parking spaces -- the developer is proposing five. They will need to see a parking exception from the ANC.

>See the PRIOR PETWORTH NEWS POST from March 19th & 23rd. 

More info on DC Urban Turf.

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