Huge photo gallery from June's Petworth Jazz Project

The second Petworth Jazz Project of this summer featured the jazz band Colonies, who absolutely killed it that night. The music was great, and if you missed it, well, you're probably not reading this article. If you were there you were treated to a phenomenal show by Baba Ras D for the kids and Colonies after that.

And if you were there, then you might be in the huge photo gallery below!

My thanks to Phillip Ford, a local photographer who came out and took a ton of really spectacular candid photos and portraits. I'll put a bunch on Facebook so people can feel free to tag themselves. As always, if you see a picture that you want a high resolution version copy of, just email me in the next 30 days. 

About Phillip Ford
Phillip Ford is a 15-year seasoned photographer specializing in weddings, portfolios, professional/personal (studio), real estate photography, corporate and school events.  A native Washingtonian, Phillip grew up in the NE corridor of DC and currently resides in Petworth. His belief is “a picture represents a life-long memory,” and that is what he captures in his photography. See more of his photos on his website infokuzproduction.

Photo Gallery

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