It’s time for another “Better Know a Commissioner!” This ongoing series is about the ANC 4C & 4D commissioners that serve our Petworth neighborhoods, sometimes in anonymity, sometimes not. The ANCs can be helpful and they can be roadblocks — it’s up to the commissioners. I think we’re lucky to have very dedicated people serving our ANCs here in Petworth. That’s why I’m pleased to introduce my next interview with Joe Maloney, ANC 4C Commissioner for SMD 4C02 and all around good guy. Joe became a commissioner in 2014 after the unexpected death of the incumbent commissioner at the time. As Joe recalls, “I assumed the job at the very unfortunate passing of our previous commissioner, Janet Meyers. I decided to run in a special election when, 48 hours before the filing deadline, no one had yet stepped forward to run.” Joe barely made the filling deadline to get his petition into the Board of Elections. Since being seated in January 2014, he has spent his time trying to understand and promote the ANC's role in the community, and how, as he puts it, “to best pull the levers of the slow-churning DC government to the advantage of residents in my SMD.” Speaking of which, Joe describes SMD 4C02 as “home to many religious institutions, private schools and a DCPS school, West Education Campus.” The SMD is, as he puts it, “only slightly gerrymandered, but the easiest way to think of it, if it were a nice rectangle (which it nearly is), is Crittenden Street to the south, Ingraham to the North, and 16th Street to the west with Georgia Ave as the eastern border.” His Single Member District includes a very large portion of 16th Street Heights, and connects to the commercial corridor of 14th Street, “the side that bumps against the WMATA bus barn.” (No worries, check the map included with this article.) While serving his SMD is very important to Joe, his focus is on his family. "I am a husband to my amazing wife, a dad to an incredible 18 month old boy, and a working professional.” Born and raised in western Massachusetts, Joe moved to DC after college because “I watched so much of the West Wing that I figured living and working in Washington had to be like it was portrayed on that show. I wasn't far off. It has been an exhilarating journey in this city over the last 12 years.” Joe is now a partner in a public affairs firm he started with a good friend. His firm advises corporations, non-profits, and trade associations on leveraging their voice, members, employees, and relationships to impact immediate and long-term public policy objectives at every level of government. “I love my job," he said, "and feel fortunate to have the colleagues and clients that I am eager to work with every day.” As far as priorities on the ANC, Joe feels that so much of his job as commissioner is reacting to needs of residents. “We have crime and safety concerns throughout the SMD, which I am working with MPD and active neighbors on. I'm committed to working with our merchants and business leaders on sparking continued growth and investment on 14th St NW. Finally, I would like to see a more responsive DDOT to the bevy of transportation concerns in this SMD, considering we have two major north-south corridors." While Joe does not hold regularly scheduled SMD meetings, he said that ANC 4C is embarking on multiple SMD community forums on larger topics, so as to preserve more time at their public meetings for official business in the upcoming year. “As an example of this,” Joe said, “we’re working with fellow 4C and 4A commissioners to actively try to schedule a DDOT community meeting on the planned 16th Street improvements at the intersection of Military Road.” Joe is also working with WMATA to identify the appropriate time for a community meeting on the bus barn on 14th Street, what it does, who it serves, and how it acts as a partner in the community. “Stay tuned for more info,” he said. Joe attends local neighborhood association meetings, and while he hasn’t gone to an MPD PSA meeting yet, he is looking forward to participating in the future. “I have been fortunate to be involved with the Community Alliance for Upper 14th Street (CAUFS). They are a wonderful organization devoted to revitalizing Upper 14th Street. I am very impressed with their leadership and willingness to advocate on behalf of the corridor." When asked if he had anything to add, Joe said, ”I am very proud of our community. Across so much change in our neighborhoods, it has been wonderful to witness how both new and long-time residents have come together to address challenges and celebrate successes.” “Above all, I view this ANC post as being an advocate and an evangelist for the SMD and for our broader Petworth/16th Street Heights community. From our businesses, to our schools, to our community organizations, we are showcasing what makes us such a desirable place to raise a family. If I can ever be your advocate or evangelist (or problem-solver, too), please do not hesitate to reach out to me." You can reach Joe at (He is very responsive on email.) He says that while he might not always have immediate answers, "I can assure you that I will respond, acknowledge receipt, and get to work on your request.” You can also contact Joe via phone at (202) 600-9527. He’s pretty active on Twitter, so follow him at @joeymaloney. “I would also encourage all members of the community to access the ANC4C website” ANC 4C meets the second Wednesday of every month, beginning at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library. Thanks Joe!

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Drew Schneider

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