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Aah, terrible news for me. Leonard Nimoy has passed away. He was a hero to me as a child and young teen, and still is to this day. I met Leonard Nimoy when I was a young teen back in Houston. I was a massive Star Trek fan, and Spock was a hero to me. Intelligent, logical, focused... Nimoy came to Houston to speak at the university, and my father got us invited to a meet and greet at a local restaurant.

I stood there in the restaurant in total awe, watching Nimoy eat, walk around talking to other people. There, right there, was Spock! Holy moly!

My father invited Nimoy over to meet me and my friend Ricardo Gomez. Nimoy came over with a smile, and my father introduced us. I stood there gazing up at Spock (at Spock! There is Spock right in front of me!) and my first thought was he looked just like my great uncle. He was tall and had this gravely voice and a big smile. I reached out my hand and I said:

"I like Spock."

Mr Nimoy shook my hand, smiled at me and thanked me. I didn't let go of his hand. I stared up at him and said, in wonder: "I like Spock."

Nimoy continued smiling and said "That's great, I really appreciate that." Then he slowly pulled his hand away. My friend Ricardo came up, shook Nimoy's hand and said how much he enjoyed the TV show and the Spock character. Mr Nimoy thanked him and said something back.

There I stood, just to the right of my Dad, behind Ricardo, and I spoke once more to my childhood hero, this imposing figure that I was in total awe:

"I like Spock!"

Mr Nimoy smiled at me again, shook my father's hand and said a few words and walked to talk with someone else. I just stood there realizing that in this opportunity to talk to my hero, all I could say were three little words. And then I thought

OHMYGOD, Spock thinks I'm retarded.

Even so, Leonard Nimoy was gracious, warm and kind. And he will always be a hero to me as an actor, a photographer and as Spock.

I will always like Spock. from Petworth News

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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