Roosevelt HS is looking for host families for French students for two weeks

International students attending Roosevelt High School (photo: Roosevelt HS)

Roosevelt High School has a robust international studies program, managed by Julian Hipkins III, the Global Studies Coordinator at the school. The school is hosting students from Spain and France in October, and is looking for a dozen or so families in the local area to host visiting students from France for a two week stay here in Petworth.

My family is hosting two students, and a few friends of ours are doing the same, and the school could really use a few of YOU to help out. Responsibilities include making sure the student has a room to sleep and gets dinner every night, along with taking the student out over the weekend they’re here.

Students are coming from Louis Lachenal school in Argonay, France. Roosevelt needs host families for thirteen students for Tuesday, October 16th to Tuesday, October 30th.

There’s also some Youth Ambassadors for Community Service (YACS) program, and Roosevelt needs host families for five students for Sunday, October 27 to Saturday, November 3rd. (Hey, you can celebrate Halloween with the students!)

From Julian: “The responsibilities of the host families include providing dinner during the week and meals on the weekend, taking part in activities on the weekend (either organized by the host family or exchange program chaperone), and answering any questions about DC and/or the United States in general.”

If you are interested in serving as a host family, please contact Mr. Malcolm Boardley, III or Mrs. Senta Boardley of the Roosevelt Alumni Association.

Students with the Youth Ambassadors for Community Service. (photo: Roosevelt HS)