Hamilton shines on Broadway and the Kennedy Center -- try to get tix!

The show marquee from New York City

by Lois Cooper

Hamilton in the hottest tickets on Broadway and in any other city it plays. The story of Alexander Hamilton the first Secretary of Treasury is brilliantly  told by  Lin-Manuel Miranda through a combination of glowing lyrics that encompass hip hop, jazz, blues, rap and R&B. The choreography at times is fast moving and high energy with a cast that is predominantly people of color. What a creative way to tell the story! 

Hamilton is currently on a 14-week run at the Kennedy Center through September 16th. If there is any way you can participate in this phenomenon, do it!  
Hamilton lives up to all the hype and expectation. I recently saw it on Broadway in New York City and I tell you I was blown away. The only thing missing was the original cast, but I didn’t even notice. Last year I went to New York in hopes of winning the daily lottery to buy tickets. However, luck wasn’t on my side. Being as though I can't take "NO" for an answer, I decided to go to the theater and hang out. I was not alone... many others had gather outside for various reasons. There was a line for cancellations, some prayed for someone with extra tickets to sell, and others like me were there just for the hell of it! 
One of my friends stood in the line for tickets just in case. I was just sitting around enjoying the sights and sounds of New York, when suddenly I looked up from my phone and there was Lin-Manuel Miranda / Alexander Hamilton coming right towards me to go into the cast entrance. He was gracious and spoke to the crowd and said he hoped we all would get a chance at tickets.

Lois sitting by the stage door as Lin-Manuel Miranda arrives.

If that wasn’t enough here comes Leslie Odom, Jr. / Aaron Burr followed by Daveed Diggs /  Thomas Jefferson, coming from ATM across the street from the theater. Soon the rest of the entire cast began to file in right pass me. I thought “it can’t get any better than this,” and then, someone gave me a Playbill. I felt like I could go home satisfied, and I did.  

In August, my coworker obsessed and determined to get tickets to Hamilton ask me to join her in the online lottery for a chance to buy tickets, so I did ... and I won! We paid for our tickets and waited almost ten months for the Sunday, May 13th Matinee at the Richard Rogers Theater,  and Hamilton delivered!

I was finally, as the productions lyrics suggest, in the room where it happens. I learned more about Alexander Hamilton than I had ever known. I still listen to the soundtrack frequently just to relive the memories and because there are some lovely, lively and catchy songs in the musical. 

Nidia and Lois before the show in NYC.

See Hamilton at the The Kennedy Center!

Performances at the Kennedy Center run through September 16th, and the good news is they will offer 40 orchestra tickets for just $10 two days before each performance. You can register for their "lottery" in theHamilton app or visit the Hamilton website and enter the lottery daily. Lottery winners will be notified at 11am the day before the performance, and the winner can purchase up to two tickets.


If you are lucky enough to score tickets you will see why  Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton won 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  I guarantee you Hamilton will create a lasting memory. 

Be Well & Good Luck!