What is going on at 3rd and Upshur? Two days of gunshots... (updated)

(Petworth News stock photo)

Another evening, another shooting. This time no injuries just a broken car window. MPD reported the sound of gunshots just after 1am on Wednesday early morning, and then confirmed the property damage in the 4200 block of 3rd Street NW (near Upshur St NW). Cold night to be out shooting...

Then there was another shooting on Wednesday morning at 10am in the alley between Taylor and Upshur & 3rd.

MPD sent out two emails overnight about the 1am shooting...


And then again... (updated)

Then around 10am on Wednesday, a reader reported hearing 4 to 5 sounds of gunshots at 3rd and Upshur. MPD responded and found an adult male with a gunshot wound in the alley between Taylor St and Upshur and 3rd. He was taken to a hospital conscious and breathing where he remains as of Thursday.  (A prior report that the victim succumbed to his wounds was incorrect.)


What is going on?

Is this a gang (crew) issue? Tough guys with nothing better to do than acting tough with deadly weapons? There was a shooting at Shepherd and 7th/ New Hampshire on December 11th, with 5 to 8 gunshots reported by residents. One resident said his neighbor witnessed the shooting, having seen a van driving the wrong way down 7th Street. The van stopped and someone in the vehicle fired several rounds, hitting a teen male and a house.

Anecdotally, summer is the time for higher crimes, so what's with the spate of recent shootings in Petworth?