Give a little to a group that gives a lot to the local community

Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative Food Drive (photo: GAFSC)

Dear Ward 4 Residents,

I am writing this letter as the former Board Chair of the Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative (GAFSC), a community-based non-profit organization in Ward 4. GAFSC provides support to families and I am asking for your consideration to financially help the Collaborative with its Spring Friends and Family Campaign.

Every day, struggling families get help from GAFSC. Our diverse staff works with each family to identify their strengths and needs and connect them to community resources. This includes addressing the wellbeing of parents and children, providing for basic needs and helping the family navigate the complex social services system.  

Thousands of families have been given a fresh start at life through our programs and services since 1998. Now, we need YOUR HELP to continue doing this life-changing work.  

How can you help create a fresh start?

(photo: GAFSC)

(photo: GAFSC)

Feed a hungry child
 - $5 for a week of GAFSC sponsored school lunches
 - $99 for a week of meals for a family of four

Clothe a child
 - $25 for a spring outfit (pants/dress, t-shirt and socks)

Provide a safe, restful night’s sleep
 - $349 for a bunk bed so children do not sleep together or with a parent

Honor excellence
 - $500 scholarship for a senior in the Community School Initiative program accepted to college

Please go to and make your tax-deductible donation today in accordance with the suggested giving levels. For more information about GAFSC, feel free to visit our website.

Thank you!

Ronald Bland
Former Board Chair
Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative