Facebook changes: How to ensure you keep up with Petworth News

Recent Facebook changes means you may not see posts from Petworth News... here's how to make sure you don't miss anything.

Facebook uses some pretty intense algorithms to control the content that shows up on your personal timeline. Recently, they made changes to prioritize posts from family and friends over the Pages you follow. This means you won't see as many Petworth News posts as you might have previously. In fact, you might not see most of them.

Many Petworth News readers use Facebook to keep up with the blog, so making sure you have your notification or follow settings set up correctly is important. Plus, the more Likes and Shares a post gets, the more people Facebook will serve the original post to... so if you enjoyed a Petworth News post, be sure to "Like" it on Facebook so more people can actually see it!

Here are some suggestions to ensure you keep up with the latest from Petworth News:

Visit the Petworth News website Facebook page regularly:

Coming to this website is the best way of keeping up with local news, naturally!

Facebook notifications:

One option is to update your follow settings so that you see Petworth News posts first in your timeline, or receive a notification when Petworth News posts new content. According to Facebook, I tend to only post about 12 things per week -- so it shouldn't be annoying. And you can always change it back. (Or you can regularly visit the Petworth News Facebook Page...)


Click the arrow next to the "Follow" button, then choose "See First" or "Default" 


Have Twitter? Follow Petworth News

I post links for everything I publish to Twitter, as well as respond to questions and retweet information that you might find helpful. You can follow Petworth News at @PetworthDCnews.

Get an email! Sign up for the free weekly email:

Each Sunday night I send out an awesome email newsletter with links to the past week's most important articles. It's free, and your email address stays private. No spam and I don't sell or give anyone your contact info. Here's some past examples of the newsletter.  Sign up now! 

Use the RSS feed

If you want to read Petworth News in an app on your mobile device, you can use Apple News, Feedly, Flipbook or any other RSS app. In an app like Apple News, just search for Petworth News. If you use Feedly or Flipbook or other, you can subscribe to the Petworth News RSS feed

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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