Draft agenda for ANC 4C February meeting (updated 2/9)

2/4 Note: Updated the agenda -- apparently the first version sent out by the ANC has changed.
2/9: Updated to add two items for New Business.

The following draft agenda is for the meeting of February 10, 2016, 6:30pm of the Neighborhood Advisory Commission 4C. The agenda, which is set during an executive committee meeting, is referred to as the “draft” agenda until adopted by the majority of Commissioners at an official meeting.

An asterisk (*) appearing after a Commissioner's name, indicates – time permitting – public comment will be considered for that specific agenda item.
Call to Order (6:30pm)
Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)
Approval of Agenda (6:35)
Reading and Approval of the June 2015 Minutes (6:37pm)
Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Halpern (6:40pm)
Agency Announcements (3 minutes per speaker)

  • Councilmember Brandon Todd’s Office
  • Khalil Thompson, Mayor Bowser’s Office
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Alexis Goggans, DC Office of Planning, Ward 4 Planner

Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)


  • Acknowledging and Honoring (Ward 4's) Dr. Frances Cress Welsing – Commissioner Uqdah
  • WMATA/Metro briefing: Ann Chisolm, Georgia Avenue Petworth station escalator replacement - Commissioner Jones
  • Michael Aniton, District of Columbia Assistant Attorney General of the Neighborhood Victim Services Section, on businesses allegedly selling synthetic marijuana - Commissioner Galloway
  • DC Water pipe replacements affecting Rock Creek Church Road NW – Commissioner Galloway

Old Business:

  • BZA application 19189, 5523 13th Street NW status update – Commissioner Uqdah*
  • Update on  BZA 19067, 1117 Allison St NW, update and clarifications – Commissioner Uqdah – Commissioner Teutsch*
  • 3701 14th Street NW Development  Case BZA 19088 – Commissioner Teutsch*
  • Administrative Staff Status – Commissioner Halpern

ABRA Town Hall Status -  Commissioner Irwin

Powell Elementary School Traffic Safety Update – Commissioner Teutsch

New Business:

  • Urban Land Institute Membership Renewal – Commissioner Jones
  • John-Paul Hayworth, SMD 4C07 commissioner, seeks input from residents with suggestions for improvements to the way the District government prepares for and handles snow removal. Please share your thoughts at the meeting.

  • Zach Teutsch, SMD 4C05 commissioner, will be asking the ANC to endorse a resolution to go to the Zoning Commission addressing affordable housing issues.

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