A little dancing on Metro's Green line

Key (left) and Quest (right) dancing for riders on the Green line

I was riding on the Green line today when two young guys hopped on at the U Street station, set down a bucket and a speaker, stood up and said “Hello everybody! We hope you’re having a good day.”

The doors closed and the train moved out. Then they kicked on some music, and started dancing.

People in the car watched, smiles on their faces.

Turns out the dancing duo is Key and Quest, also known on Instagram as #DistrictBros.

After they finished dancing, a few people offered up some dollars to their bucket, and Key said, “We appreciate anything you can donate. Even your smiles work!”

They got off at Petworth and the momentary experience was over.

Hope you get a chance to see them perform sometime — really improves the whole metro riding experience immensely.

Watch the video below!

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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