Detours, bus routes, street closures, and towing details for October 5th "Open Streets" event

A map of the 62, 63 and 64 bus routes for October 5th during the Open Streets event. (Courtesy DDOT)

DDOT will close three miles of Georgia Avenue on Saturday, October 5th from 8am until 5pm for their “Open Streets” event, being held from 10am until 2pm.

Bus routes, no parking and towing enforcement will all be affected.

Georgia Avenue will officially close at 8am on the 5th, while DDOT will begin towing cars between Barry Place and Missouri Avenue to a “close-by location” starting at midnight. While cars won’t be impounded, anyone who has their car towed will have to pay a ticket and pay for the tow (about $150).

See the bus routes
Multiple Metro bus lines will be impacted all day, so if you need a bus, be sure to check out DDOT’s webpage on the route changes — they’re significant.

Remember that it’s a “hard closure” of Georgia Avenue, with MPD stationed at every street enforcing it. Cars will not be able to cross anywhere along the three mile route. If you have to drive, plan for delays and finding ways around the closures.

So grab a bike, a pair of skates or a scooter and make your way along Georgia Avenue.

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