A night of events at Del Barrio's "Night of 1000 Frida Kahlos"

Taqueria del Barrio is sponsoring a celebration of artist Frida Kahlos with events starting at 4pm happy hour and a special photography class at 9pm on Friday, January 25th.

Night of 1000 Frida Kahlos is a celebration of the life, work and legacy of internationally-renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Del Barrio is honoring her with the help of local artist Theodore Carter, who has enlisted people across the globe to participate in displaying Frida's work and art inspired by her.

Del Barrio is featuring drag performance art and a photography class with Grey Goose and St. Germain cocktails to sip and enjoy during the class as well during Happy hour.

First up is happy hour, which starts on Friday at 4pm (until 8) with Grey Goose Cocktails for $7 and the first 20 furloughed government employees with federal ID to get a complimentary cocktail.

7-8pm: Drag numbers by Citrine

8-9pm: Airing Rupaul's Drag Race.

9pm: Photography and Cocktail Class. You will learn how to make a Grey Goose cocktail and then have a professional photographer to show you how to style the drink with props, garnishes, etc. Then learn how to shoot the cocktail with your cell phone and make a great photo!

Sign up for the class by calling the restaurant at 202-723-0200.

More info on their Facebook Event page.