Momma's Law needs your support in the DC Council

The DC Council was quick to find a temporary fix for animal welfare concerns a few months ago after the lack of enforcement options came to light with the stories about the pit bull Momma.

The permanent legal changes necessary to ensure that the law provides minimum levels of humane treatment for animals in DC is coming up in front of the DC Council on Tuesday, July 11th. There are still many uncommitted Councilmembers who haven't signed on to the legislation. Activists and puppies citywide need your help in convincing the Council to vote this into law.

Update 4:40pm: Momma's Law: Improving DC Animal Welfare We are optimistic the amended Momma's Law, now the more comprehensive Standard of Care for Animals Amendment Act of 2017, will pass the first vote July 11. Please only reach out to DC Council to thank them for their support at this time. We appreciate the overwhelming response of support from the community. We'll see you on July 11 to applaud our legislators and non-profit partners who have worked tirelessly on this bill.

Here's what you can do to help (from the local Momma's Law organizers):

  1. Call, email, Facebook, or Tweet your Councilmember and ask for their support for the Standard of Care for Animals Amendment Act of 2017, aka "Momma's Law." 

    a. Right now, we only have confirmation that Councilmembers Todd, Nadeau, Allen and Cheh are supportive.  We need to convince 5 more CMs to support holistic animal welfare reform in the District.  If you are or know someone in Wards 2, 5, 7, or 8- please contact those CMs!  If you live in Wards 1, 3, or 4, we need you to help contact our At Large CMs. See this Google doc for the status of support and contact info for the CMs.
  2. Follow us on Facebook (FB/MommasLawDC), and Tweet using #mommaslawdc - we will have updates for you on which CMs are supportive and who we need to focus our efforts on.  Even if you can't attend, be sure to show you are "interested" in the event and share it on your page in or in your groups, which will help get the word out.
  3. Join us next Tuesday, July 11th at 10:00 am at the Wilson Building to show the Council that DC supports Momma's Law.  It's important for us to have a visible presence to remind the Council as they go to vote that this improved legislation makes DC a happier, healthier, safer place for all people and animals. 

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