Heights Community Soup looking to fund neighborhood projects

There's a new program that is slowly getting more attention up in north Petworth called Heights Community Soup. It's a community potluck dinner where neighbors gather, share dinner and ideas to help the neighborhood, and then vote to fund one of four proposals presented that night. Past Soups have raised in the $600-700 range for the chosen community project.

The organizers, the Community Alliance For Upper Fourteenth Street (CAUFS), based their program on the "Detroit Soup" model, through which residents have gathered and voted to micro-fund many creative projects across the city.

CAUFS is looking for people to come out and join their fellow neighbors with a dinner and idea session. If you have an idea for a community activity, mural or something else to fill a gap or lift up the community, please share your idea. Please email any questions and suggestions for ideas by Friday, October 23rd to info.heightscommunitysoup@gmail.com

They're looking for proposals that benefit communities surrounding the upper 14th St area bounded by Georgia Avenue (East), Rock Creek Park (West), Spring Road (South) and Missouri Avenue (North).

The next Soup is Tuesday, October 27th from 6:30-8:30pm at 4411 14th St. 

Doors open at 6pm, presentations start at 6:30 and dinner around 7:30pm. They'll announce the winner of the funding by 8:30.

View the Heights Community Soup PDF for more info.