Say #imwithher and grab a tasty drink Thursday at the Reading Room

Whether you're part of the Grand Old Party or a life-long Democrat, you can show your support for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Nominee for President, at a special cocktail / fundraiser at the Reading Room at Petworth Citizen, 7pm-midnight on Thursday, August 4th.

"Variations on a Theme: I'm With Her" is an evening of special cocktails created for your enjoyment by Carlie Steiner of Stir Bartending Co, with 15% of the proceeds being donated to the campaign of the first woman nominated for the presidency. 

The program will offer a light-hearted theme of "political battles" -- complete with puns.

"Variations on a Theme is a reoccurring pop-up where a theme is selected bi-weekly and cocktail variations are made," Carlie told me. "Music is paired with the theme and the night becomes an artistic expression of taste and sound. This week, in support of Hillary Clinton, we are crafting cocktails around political puns. Cocktails include Make America Grape Again (where tequila and lime are topped with a house-made salted-grape soda) and a pickleback is served with whiskey and 'Donald Trumps' Tears.'"

You'll be able to enjoy drinks like "Roe v Lemonade" and "Feel the Bern." Full menu is below.

No matter what you drink, you'll be able to say #imwithher.

(The donated proceeds will go to Gray Global Advisors for the Clinton campaign's benefit.)