Buzzfeed article: "Why cops like me are quiet"

Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

I wanted to pass along this interesting article about police violence, written by a former NYPD police officer. While it doesn't break a lot of new ground in the message, it does talk to the marginalization of the "80-90% of good officers by the smaller percentage of bad apples" and the media / public response to those bad apples. 

Of particular interest to me was the idea of not putting young / inexperienced officers in higher crime / higher poverty areas, but putting more experienced officers and leadership in those areas. Thing is, those aren't areas people aspire to work in. But it's those areas that need the most patient, informed and experienced officers. 

He also talks about the divide in media frenzy. A civilian is killed in police custody and there are protests and riots. An officer is gunned down in the street without provocation by a criminal, and it doesn't get much media play. There's no demonstration to protect officer's lives. Why? 

Lastly, the police don't interact daily with 95% of residents unless the resident is a victim of crime. Most of their interactions can be negative, dangerous and ultimately, help to create a jaded view. Police are regular people and are impacted by what they experience.

It's a complicated affair.

Source: Buzzfeed.

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