Made of gold? Roofless house listed at $499,999 in Brightwood

MRIS photo from the Real Living at Home website of house with no roof.

File this in the you-ain't-seen-it-all file, or the greed-ahead-of-common-sense folder, but a house is listed for sale in Brightwood that has no roof. It's a shell of a house that DCRA put a stop work order on last year for "illegal construction / working without a permit," according to an article from Washingtonian.

They're asking $499,999 for this opposite of a turn-key structure.

Located near Georgia Avenue and a block from the Walter Reed complex, the house at 7110 9th Street NW in Brightwood was previously purchased for $332,168 by someone associated with Taja Investments LLC in 2015 (a company that excellent DC blog Frozen Tropics covered in a series of tweets in 2012), according to Washingtonian.

Is it just greed? Is this what property values are now, a shell of a house can command a half a million dollars asking price? Does this mean my rowhouse is worth a cool mil because I actually have a roof (redone a few years ago, too!)?

Head over to the Washingtonian to read the full article. 

You can see the property listing on the Real Living at Home website

Google maps satellite view of the property located a block from Walter Reed.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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