Brandon Todd's birthday bash at Sala Thai

CM Brandon Todd held a birthday party at Sala Thai on Georgia Avenue this evening, and it was a full-house of supporters. He just turned 32 and is now on the DC Council: that's some accomplishment, and one that was extolled by several speakers.

At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds

A couple of councilmembers attended the birthday celebration, including At-Large Councilmembers Vincent Orange and Anita Bonds (one of my favorites, very passionate, dedicated and such a genuine person) and Ward 7 CM Yvette Alexander. I'm quite sure there were more VIPs and dignitaries, but to be honest, it was crowded and I'm not in the know enough to recognize them in the full restaurant. 

Now, I knew it would be crowded, but this was wall-to-wall packed full of some very well-dressed people. Coming from just putting my daughter to bed, I was definitely under-dressed. I think I got a pass since I had the camera and was shooting pictures. (Note to future photojournalists of the world: it helps to be taller than 5'4" to take good crowd shots -- or be ok with standing on tables, chairs, etc., like I did tonight.) The best part is the poses people do when they realize there's a camera pointed at them. 

Gotta give Brandon Todd credit, he was definitely the hardest working man in the room. He stood at the door and personally greeted each person who came in for a very long time. He's probably blind from flash photography and has a sore hand from shaking the hands of so many people.

Good luck to our new Councilmember (and as we share a birthday: happy birthday!).