ATTIC DC offers unique gift cards for the local antique, boutique and home stores in DC

Local resident Tarek Anandan runs a great website called ATTIC DC, which pulls together information from the best vintage, antique, restored and artisan furniture stores in DC, Maryland and Virginia. During the holiday season, ATTIC is offering unique Gift Cards to make it easy for you to buy gifts for friends and family who share a passion for interesting and artisan home decor and clothing from the unique offerings of independent small businesses in your community.

Definitely check out an amazing site by a local resident who supports local businesses like Willow, Fia's Fabulous Finds, Mom n Pop Antiques, Bentley's Antiques and so many more. And buy a gift card -- make someone happy!

Tarek and Bertram Keller from Bentley's Antiques on Upshur Street

Here's a press release from ATTIC on the new gift cards:

Local stores from the greater Washington area are collaborating on a new gift option this holiday season: ATTIC Gift Cards. Participating stores include well-known DC options like Miss Pixie’s of 14th Street/Logan Circle,  Modern Mobler of Takoma, The Brass Knob of Adams Morgan and Mom n Pop Antiques of Petworth/Parkview.

A total of thirteen stores from DC, MD and VA are participating, including stores that have been consistently recognized in various polls as the best in home furnishing, vintage, midcentury modern and more.

Unlike similar big box and bank offered gift cards, ATTIC Gift Cards have no fees -- no activation fees, no purchase fees and no inactivity fees. Plus, the full proceeds are kept within a network of local businesses. The cards use custom-developed technology that makes it possible for a network of decentralized and completely independent stores to collaborate, without reliance on traditional credit processors.

“We’re very happy that we came up with something that is simple for all involved – including gift givers, gift recipients and the stores," said Tarek. “Our goal was to create a unique, new gift option that has more character than a cash card, yet more flexibility than a single store gift certificate,” says Tarek Anandan of ATTIC. Given the amount of relocation that happens within the area, the product could have appeal to a wide audience including newcomers, new homeowners and others that love interior decorating, home design and/or vintage."

ATTIC Gift Cards reinforce their mission of supporting the area’s brick and mortar retailers. Participation is currently exclusive to stores with physical storefronts in DC, Maryland or Virginia. If successful, ATTIC hopes to extend participation to additional small businesses in the area. The product is also a companion to the ATTIC website which launched in 2015 and showcases the largest collection of vintage, antique, restored and used furniture in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas.

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