ANC 4D draft agenda for August meeting

 ANC 4D's August meeting is Tuesday, 8/18 at Truesdell Education Center (800 Ingraham St NW) at 7pm. (If you don't know if this is your ANC, check out the boundary map.) 

Below is the draft agenda for their August meeting:

1.   Call to Order
2.  Roll Call, Determination of Quorum
3.  Addition/Deletion to Agenda, Approval of Agenda
4.  Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
5.  Treasurer’s Report
6.  Guest Speakers
     a.   DC Water presentation on updates to green infrastructure project on Kennedy St. (Roth)
           - Lilia Lebdezna Green Infrastructure Outreach Coordinator
           - Bethany Bezak Assistant Director Green Infrastructure
     b.   Signal Financial Federal Credit Union on programs for local residents (Roth)
           - Bill Kowall Vice President of Branch Administration
           - Walter Sciolli, Branch Development Manager
           - Dynita Taylor, Branch Manager

7.   Old Business:
      a.  Report: Community Speak-Out on Housing, other events honoring AJ Cooper (Sheon)
      b.  ANC 4D Day update (Sheon and Branton)
      c.  Vacant houses update (Sheon)
      d.  Update on Office of Planning retail improvement project on Kennedy St. (Roth)

8.   Community Comments (2-3 minutes)

9.   New Business: 
      a.   Minor ANC funding requests for tent, table, folding chairs for use by ANC (Roth)
      b.   DC Great Streets grant funding opportunities for small business (Roth)
      c.   Others

10.  Announcements:
      a.   Jasmin Benab/Khalil Thompson: Ward 4 Liaisons to Mayor’s office
      b.   Back to School Festival, Barnard Elementary, Aug. 22 (Branton)
      c.   Others

11.  Adjournment

Commissioners will be available after meeting to discuss additional issues pertaining to your Single Member District.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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