Draft agenda for ANC 4D July meeting (seeking someone to take notes)

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D meets on July 19th at 7pm at Truesdell Education Campus, 800 Ingraham St NW. Come hear Pepco try to justify the new rate increase now that they're owned by Exelon. 

Want to write the notes for ANC 4D?
Due to other obligations, I can no longer cover the 4D meetings in person. If there is someone who attends the 4D meetings who would like to write the notes, I'll publish you! If not, Petworth News won't have coverage of 4D meetings (I have offered to publish their official minutes). Contact me if interested.

Draft agenda

1. Call to Order (Colbert)
2. Roll Call, Determination of Quorum (Colbert) 
3. Approval of Agenda (Colbert)
4. Approval of June 2016 Meeting Minutes (Colbert)
5. Treasurer’s Monthly Report (Branton)

6. Old Business
     a.  Daniel Lewis (website helper) introduced (Roth)
     b. ANC 4D plans for Fun Day Sept. 10 (Colbert)
     c. Brightwood-Petworth Community Alliance Potluck July 30 joining block party on 800 Jefferson (Sheon)
     d. Kennedy Street Festival grant briefing (Roth)

7. New Business
     a. Grant request application by Coolidge Alumni Association Inc. (Colbert)           
     b. Parking sign change on 5300 block of Illinois Ave. (Roth, resolution)
     c. Rotation of public meeting sites in ANC 4D (Branton)

8. Community Comments (Timed 2 min.)
     a. Signal
     b. TBD

9.  Guest Speakers
     a. Donna Cooper, Pepco (Colbert)
     b. Francis Coates Jr., Fusion (Sheon)
     c. Michelle Cleveland, Washington Area Bicycling Assn. (Colbert)
10. Announcements
     a. ABRA new training for community July 28 at 2000 14th St NW (Colbert)
     b. UDC free certification courses at Backus (Colbert)
     c.  DCRA oversight hearing (Sheon)
     d.  Study looking for African Americans (Colbert)
     e.  TOPA training 7/23/16 6:30-8pm DCHD (Bowser)
     f.   DPR Rec Day, 7/23/16 11am-4pm Randall Recreation Center (S. Capitol and I St. SW)
     g. August speaker: Thomye Cave, adult-care provider

11.  Adjournment (Colbert)