ANC 4D January 16th meeting draft agenda

The following agenda is for the next Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D public meeting on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. ANC 4D hosts their meetings at the Washington Latin Public Charter School (5200 2nd Street NW) in the Multipurpose Room. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm.

The agenda, which is set during an executive committee meeting, is referred to as the “draft” agenda until adopted by the majority of Commissioners at an official meeting. 

1. Call to Order (Colbert) 

2. Determination of Quorum (Colbert)

3. Approval of Agenda (Colbert) 

4. Confirmation of Meeting Calendar and Election of Officers (Colbert)

5. City Official Comments (timed 2 mins.)        

  • MPD 
  • Jasmin Benab, Mayor’s Office 
  • Malcolm Jolly, CM Todd’s Office

6. Guest Speakers 

  • Jacqueline Treiger, Outreach Coordinator, GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic (Barden)
  • Tony Towns, Director of Community Engagement, Office of Attorney General (Branton)

7. Old Business

  • Update on vacant lot at 809-813 Kennedy St., NW (Roth)
  • Update/possible resolution on Lucky Corner Market Liquor License and Voluntary Settlement Agreement (Roth)
  • Update on Sherman Circle one-lane trial (Hemingway)
  • Update on water issues (Hemingway)
  • Update on Rodent Abatement (Barden)

8. New Business 

  • New liquor license request for new restaurant at 5213 Georgia Ave., NW (Barden)
  • ANC 4D meeting sound consultation request (Roth)

9. Community Comments (timed 2 mins.)

10. Approval of December 2017 Meeting Minutes (Hemingway)

11.  Treasurer’s Report (Bowser)

  • December 2017 Treasurer’s Report 
  • ANC Security Fund

12.  Commissioner Announcements

  • ANC 4D Coat Drive recap (Colbert)
  • Blood Drive, Washington Latin Public Charter School, April 17, 3:15-7:15pm (Roth)
    Blood donors should allow 45 minutes for screening, donation and resting
  • Call for block captains (Hemingway)

13.  Adjournment (Colbert) 

Commissioners will be available after the meeting to talk one-on-one with constituents. 

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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