ANC 4D Agenda for 6/16/15

The draft agenda for this Tuesday's ANC 4D meeting was sent out tonight. Details below!

ANC 4D AGENDA Tuesday, June 16, 2015

1.     Call to Order
2.     Roll Call, Determination of Quorum
3.     Addition/Deletion to Agenda, Approval of Agenda
4.     Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
5.     Treasurer’s Report
6.     Guest Speakers  (no more than 30 minutes)
    a.  Cynthia White/Ray Nix President, 812 Jefferson St. Tenants Association
    b.  Sidney Nelson to discuss Teachers Union proposals (Bowser) – 15 min

7.     Old Business:
    a.  Castello’s Restaurant and Lounge update (Sheon)
    b. Follow-up on his emergency community meeting (Sheon)
    c.  ANC 4D Day (Colbert)
    d. Billboards to be expanded citywide, resolution and vote (Bowser)

8.     Community Comments (2-3 minutes)
    a.   Jasmin Benab: Liaison to Mayor’s office
    b.   Ooohs and Ahhhhs introduction (Sheon)
    c.   Others

9.     New Business: 
    a.      Dog poop bags and signs, with letter and vote (Branton)
    b.      List of small funding requests and vote (Roth)

 10.  Announcements
        a.  DHCD Housing Expo at Convention Center, June 27
        b. Kennedy Street Festival, June 20 (Roth)

11.  Adjournment

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