Draft agenda for ANC 4C May meeting

The following agenda is for the meeting of May 10, 2017 of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C. ANC 4C will host the May 10, 2017 meeting at the Petworth Library in the Community Meeting room on the lower level. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm. The names of commissioners requesting an agenda item are listed in parentheses. (Secretary Jonah Goodman keeps an updated version of the agenda on Google docs.)

1. Call to Order (6:30pm)
2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)
3. Approval of Agenda (6:35)
4. Reading and Approval of the February 2017 Meeting Minutes (6:37pm)
5. Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Campbell (6:40pm)
6. Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each):

a. Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd
b. Executive Office of the Mayor/Office of Community Relations and Services

7. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)


1. Presentation by Rock Creek Park Superintendent Julia Washburn
2. DDOT traffic study findings in 4C09 and 4C10 by Emily Dalphy
3. Kennedy St Farmers Market by JJ Velez


1. BZA #TBD 429/431 Quincy St request for Special Exception for 3 unit condo under U 320.2 with rear addition beyond U 320.2 (e) allowance (BZA application is being filed)

a. Project plans


1. Grant Circle and DDOT items (Commissioners Martin, Cooper, and Goodman)
2. Proposed traffic change at Arkansas and Taylor (DDOT) (Commissioner Halpern)
3. 1400 and 1500 Block of Emerson Street traffic study (Commissioner Campbell on behalf of Commissioner Barry)
4. Resolution in support of accelerated West Education Campus modernization (Commissioners Barry and Nugent)

Upcoming for June or later

  • Two stroke engine leaf blower legislation by CM Cheh
  • DC Sanctuary City resolution request (Commissioner Barry, on behalf of community group)

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