Draft agenda for ANC 4C March meeting

The agenda for the March 8th ANC 4C meeting is below. 

Location: Petworth Library (basement meeting room)
Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

You can always access the upcoming month’s agenda at any point by using a Google Doc link. Agenda items and linked resources are added throughout the month so please check back if you are looking for more information, draft resolution text, or newly added agenda items.

DRAFT AGENDA – March 8, 2017 Public Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:30pm)
  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)
  3. Approval of Agenda (6:35)
  4. Reading and Approval of the January 2017 Meeting Minutes (6:37pm)
  5. Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Campbell (6:40pm)
  6. Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each) including but not limited to:
    a. Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd
    b. Executive

    Office of the Mayor/Office of Community Relations and Services
  7. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)


  1. Spring CulturalDC (Commissioner Nugent)
    1. Handout
  2. DC Sanctuary City resolution request (Commissioner Barry, on behalf of community group)
    1. Resolution (coming soon)


  1. BZA #18464A, 2 New Heights. ANC 4C supported a Special Exception at the February 2017 meeting and the Office of Planning is requiring the property owners apply for a Variance.
  2. BZA #TBD 429/431 Quincy St request for Special Exception for 3 unit condo and accessory dwelling unit on both properties
    1. Resolution (not yet drafted)
  3. BZA #19418, 319 Varnum. This case is coming back to the ANC because the decision was delayed by the BZA until March 22 due to objections from Office of Planning. New plans will come to the ANC for consideration.
    1. Resolution (not yet drafted)
    2. New project plans (not yet drafted)


  1. Grant Circle and DDOT items (Commissioners Martin, Cooper, and Goodman)
  2. Bylaw amendment pertaining to committee members (Commissioner Campbell)
    1. Amendment
  3. Resolution establishing Committees (Commissioner Teutsch)
    1. Resolution (coming soon)
  4. ULI membership (Commissioner Jones)


  1. West Education Campus bike rack grant (Commissioner Barry)
  2. DC Reentry Task Force request for funding of the Incarceration to Incorporation Entrepreneurship Program (Commissioner Cooper)
    1. Resolution (coming soon)
  3. Traffic calming resolution, 1200 block of Taylor St NW (Commissioner Cooper)
  4. 4000 Kansas Ave (Commissioner Jones)
  5. Letter in support of Sherman Circle benches (and other matters) to the National Park Service (Commissioners Martin, Cooper)
  6. Grant application by Friends of the Soldiers Home (Commissioner Martin)

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