Draft agenda for ANC 4C meeting, Wed Feb 8, 2017

The following agenda is for the meeting of February 12, 2017 of the Neighborhood Advisory Commission 4C. The agenda, which is set during an executive committee meeting, is referred to as the “draft” agenda until adopted by the majority of Commissioners at an official meeting. The presence of five of the 9 sitting ANC 4C Commissioners constitutes a quorum.  Please share this information with any of your neighbors who may have an interest.

ANC 4C will host the February 8, 2017 meeting at the Petworth Library in the Community Meeting room on the lower level.   The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30pm. The names of commissioners requesting an agenda item are listed in parentheses.

Note: ANC 4C Secretary Jonah Goodman (4C10) posted the following on Facebook:

We are trying a few new things here with how we publish the agenda and welcome any community feedback. First we will be updating the agenda throughout the month as new items come in or get postponed. [The following] link should hopefully always point to the current month's agenda, though give us a few days after each meeting to get the next month's online: bit.ly/anc4cmeetingagenda. Also whenever possible we will link to any supporting documents as well as any draft or final resolution language so you can read up on those before the meeting and share any feedback on agenda items. [Ed note: Links in the Google doc are also in the article below.]

DRAFT AGENDA – February 8, 2017 Public Meeting

  1. Call to Order (6:30pm)

  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm)

  3. Approval of Agenda (6:35)

  4. Reading and Approval of the August 2016 Meeting Minutes (6:37pm)

  5. Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Campbell (6:40pm)

  6. Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each) including but not limited to:

a. Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd

    b. Executive Office of the Mayor/Office of Community Relations and Services    

  1. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)


  1. Presentation on DC WASA Water Meter Rehabilitation Project - Emmanuel Briggs (Commissioner Halpern)

    1. Project one pager

    2. Presentation slides

    3. Bill insert

  2. Presentation on the Comprehensive Plan - David Whitehead, Greater Greater Washington (Commissioners Teutsch and Goodman)

    1. Resolution (subject to changes)

  3. Jeremy Lowery, Chesapeake Climate Action, speaking about carbon tax legislative proposal

  4. Emerald Becker, DCPS, announcements about DC lottery for schools


  1. #19418 - 319 Varnum (Commissioner Goodman)

    1. BZA case documents

    2. Resolution (coming)

  2. #18464A - 2 New Heights Child Development Center, 4124 3rd St NW (Commissioner Goodman)

    1. BZA case documents

    2. Resolution (subject to changes)

  3. #19458 - 1352 Randolph Street NW development project (Commissioner Teutsch)

    1. BZA case document



  1. Grant Circle and DDOT items (Commissioners Martin, Cooper, and Goodman)

  2. Urban Land Institute annual membership (Commissioner Jones)

  3. ANC Security Fund (Commissioner Teutsch)


Drew Schneider

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