Agenda for September ANC 4C meeting

Whooboy, which blogger gets excited to post an ANC draft agenda? This guy. (Ok, that might be overstating it a tad, but still.)

Here's the agenda for the upcoming Wednesday, September 9th meeting of ANC 4C, held in the basement meeting room of the Petworth Library. Starts promptly at 6:30pm. What's nice is that the ANC is now sending out small descriptions of each of the agenda items (see my notes on this particular topic from July's meeting). Helps to know the context.

1.   Call to Order (6:30pm)
2.   Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners
3.   Approval of Agenda
4.   Reading and Approval of the August 2015 Minutes
5.   Treasurer’s Report- Commissioner Crowley
6.   Agency Announcements (3 minutes per speaker)
      - Councilmember Brandon Todd’s Office
      - Khalil Thompson, Mayor Bowser’s Office
      - Metropolitan Police
      - DC Fire EMS
7.   Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)

1.   WMATA 14th Street Bus Changes – Commissioner Galloway: Increase in frequency of bus service beyond Colorado Ave., w/decrease to McPhearson Sq.

2.   DC WASA Clean Rivers / Potomac Watershed Update – Green Infrastructure Team Commissioner Galloway: EPA mandates to prevent run-off into Potomac & Anacostia Rivers (see my coverage of this topic from ANC 4D's August meeting)

3.   US Shadow Representative Franklin Garcia: Statehood Achievement Plan – Commissioner Uqdah: Representative’s plan for achieving statehood
ABRA Matters:
1.   Settlement Agreement
– Commissioner Hayworth: 845 Upshur St., NW; former China-American Inn, Thai-themed restaurant and Great Streets Grants Letter of Support.
1.   Grant Application: 1400 Block Shepherd Street Block Club – Commissioner Williams: $150.00 for truck rental; Halloween-themed event
New Business:
1.   Public Space Proposal ANC Notification and Great Weight – Commissioner Uqdah: Tabled from August 2015 meeting, this proposal requires DDOT to notify ANC when streets are being closed and public space – sidewalks – are being occupied.

2.  Motion Authorization – Amendments to ANC By-Laws - Commissioner Uqdah: Adding
     Sections, (1) requiring future agenda items to contain brief explanations; (2) ensuring the inclusion of specific language to all ANC Resolutions, Proposals, Settlement Agreements, BZA Filings and Letters of Support; and (3) provide copies to the public of minutes to be approved, draft agenda and any documents to be voted on. 

3.  Speed Bumps – 700 Block of Randolph Street – Commissioner Jones: Letter of Support

4.  Motion-Testimony BZA Case #18991-1521 Varnum Street, NW – Commissioner Irwin: Letter of Authority approved 08/12/15 granting representation of ANC at BZA.

5.  Motion-Authorization Verizon Repair Expenditure – Commissioner Uqdah: One-time labor charge, not to exceed $240.00 for inside wire repair; damaged by office cleaning service.

6.  Motion-Handicap Parking Approval – 1213 Kennedy St., NW – Commissioner Uqdah: LOS approving designated parking space for Johnny R. Coulter, Sr.

7.   Motion-Reimburse Commissioner Williams $234.00 – Commissioner Uqdah: Authorizing repayment of personal expenses incurred during SMD block party.

Hope to see you there!

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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