Learn about adding a rental unit ("ADU") onto your home

(photo: Coalition for Smarter Growth)

With housing prices and rents going up, a projected 1,000 new residents moving into the city per month and a lack of affordable housing, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) are sparking interest. New DC zoning regulations mean residents can convert basements or outdoor structures into rental units.

There is a happy hour / information session on ADUs this upcoming Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm at Petworth Citizen. You can RSVP for the Happy Hour / Info session online.

Here's their Facebook event description:

Want to build an accessory apartment in your basement or backyard? Want to help others do it? Join us for a happy hour to connect with people like you. 

If you are an interested homeowner, architect, builder, lender, planner or just a fan of creative uses of overlook spaces in our residential neighborhoods -- this is an event for you! By coming together in person, we can help each other make the most of the new opportunity under the 2016 DC zoning code to build accessory apartments in DC's low-density residential zones.

Did you want to know more about how to navigate the permitting process to build an accessory apartment, visualize how a backyard cottage might fit on your lot, estimate construction costs, explore your financing options, or get tips on how to be a good landlord? Join us!

For more info on ADU's, visit the Smarter Growth website.

You can RSVP for the Happy Hour / Info session online.

Event is sponsored by the DC Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) workgroup – which is encouraging accessory apartments across DC

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