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Let's talk a bit more about that yellow and green house. I've received a few concerns about the yellow house survey article, so wanted to address those concerns. (Update: I've unpublished the first article as I felt it wasn't adding to any conversation to leave it live.)

First and foremost, the article was not intended to mock anyone -- it's asking why a house is super bright canary yellow and with dark forest green accents, and asking what neighbors think. It's obviously an "over the top" and very unusual color scheme. That said, the survey and article were meant to be facetious. About 5 of you wrote to me to say you thought the article was mean, and that wasn't the intention. If you thought so, I apologize.

In order to get more information, I stopped by the house this morning to talk to the owners. Chatting with them was something I probably could have done in the interest of "getting the story" and not just posting pictures. But I wasn't thinking "holistic story approach" here, I was thinking "Geez, that really is yellow."  

When I knocked on the front door, a young teen boy answered, and then a professional home care nurse came to the door. I apologized for disturbing them on a Sunday, and asked to speak with the owner. He said that while the owner was home, she was in bed sick so couldn't come to the door. I told him I was a community blogger and why I was there (it's possible he thought I was a bit off my rocker). I left him a card and a hope that the owner feels better soon. I wasn't able to get the true background on the paint, but I will see if I can. (Contact me if you know the owners.)

A few people have said to me subsequently that they think the house was painted yellow because the boy who lives there is special needs or developmentally disabled, and he picked the color. I couldn't confirm that this is the reason.

If it is the reason, then kudos that the family is going to such lengths to make their son happy. (Also, if so, geez, kinda makes me look like a jackass, huh?)

Regarding the survey, I think it's helpful to know your Petworth neighbors don't suck. The majority of survey responses by people were the same: "Hey, it's their house, their choice!" (I agree with this opinion the most.) There were no mean, disparaging or angry comments from any survey respondent. 

I appreciate all the survey submissions, and even more, I deeply appreciate the people who commented and reached out to me to say they didn't like the article. I value your opinion, and I welcome respectful criticism at any time.

If you have other concerns that you want to bring up, you can contact me.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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