Gunfire on 5th Street leaves residents ducking for cover and shaking their heads

Around 1pm on Friday, December 7th, shots rang out on the 4600 block of 5th Street. According to witnesses, they heard five shots and saw a black car (possibly a Kia or Scion) speeding up 5th Street with smoke coming out of the car.

According one person at the scene, the passenger fired a gun out of the car towards the east side of the street, though reportedly there wasn’t anyone standing on the east side of 5th Street at the time.

MPD canvassed the area and found four shell casing in the road, but found no injuries or property damage. 

So was this a drive-by shooting targeting someone on 5th Street? A bunch of idiots in a car shooting a gun as they speed down the street on a Friday afternoon? Either way, it’s pretty awful.