1st time's the charm: Southwest Petworth "Lemonade Social"

Petworth is all about the neighborhood and your neighbors.

Tonight was a good example as neighbors from the “southwest Petworth” area had their inaugural “Lemonade Social” at the triangular park between Quincy and Kansas Avenue.

Like the Grant Circle Social held, coincidentally enough, in the middle of Grant Circle, the Lemonade Social is about getting local neighbors together for an informal, one hour meet & greet. It’s residents meeting residents in a low-pressure setting — with lemonade and a nice crudité platter.

I arrived late, but in enough time to see the little park was crowded (40-50 people must have been there). I was “that guy” walking around with a camera talking to people and taking pictures, and the two simple questions I asked were “Why are you here?” and “What does this mean to you?”

What’s nice is I heard the same answer over and over: “I heard about this from my neighbor, and I wanted to come out and meet new neighbors.”

I first met Monica and Carl (and cute 19-month old Thoreau) who live over on 13th Street. Monica teaches Kindergarten at Powell Elementary. “Who would have though there were so many people I didn’t know!” Monica said. “I see my neighbors around, see people as I walk through the neighborhood, and this was an opportunity to say ‘I really like your yard’ or talk about something with a person I’ve only seen in passing but knew lived nearby.”

I asked Kirsten Spainhower, Woodie Head, Karen Shaw the same questions, and got the same answers: “I heard about this event from neighbors, and wanted to come out meet and be with my neighbors.”

Big kudos to Russ Breckenridge for organizing what was clearly a very successful first social for that area of Petworth.

I recommended he create a Facebook event to promote it to a wider (and local) audience, and he agreed that’s a good idea. His valid concern is how to get older neighbors, and those not on Petworth or the listservs, to learn about the social.

That’s your job, friends. When you know there’s a local social, make sure your neighbors who aren’t online — you know who they are — make sure they know, and attend. It’s awesome to spend time with your neighbors.

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Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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