Better Know a Commissioner: John-Paul Hayworth, 4C07

What what? It's time for "Better Know a Commissioner!"

This is my ongoing series of interviews with ANC 4C & 4D commissioners -- because you may have voted for them, but you probably don't know them. Now you know.

The next interview is with ANC 4C Commissioner John-Paul C. Hayworth.

This is a particularly fun interview for me to do, as John-Paul ran against me in the November election. I graciously allowed John-Paul to win (yeah, ok, I lost by 29 votes) and am very pleased to say that he and I get along great, and I’m confident he’ll do a great job as Commissioner for 4C07. As always, any parenthetical statements are mine.

John-Paul Hayworth is the ANC 4C Commissioner for Single Member District (SMD) 4C07. The SMD is, as John-Paul puts it, “like much of 4C, a bit wonky in shape.” 4C07 is bounded on the north by Buchanan Street between Georgia and Illinois Ave. On the west it is bounded by Iowa Ave north of Upshur and Kansas Ave south of Upshur. In the south, it ends at Shepherd street west of 8th street and Upshur Street east of 8th. On the east side, the boundaries are 5th Street, Grant Circle and New Hampshire. (No worries, there’s a map in the pictures.)

Outside of the ANC, John-Paul’s career is in government issues, mostly internal and external advocacy. For the past 4 years, he worked in former Mayor Grey’s administration as the federal and congressional affairs manager for the District of Columbia. He was responsible for helping to coordinate economic development and education policy between the Mayor and the Council. Outside of his government experience and work, John-Paul explains, “I am heavily involved in non-profit work, including mentorship programs, education and social skills development and equality and justice issues.”

This is John-Paul’s first time as an ANC Commissioner, and he’s still trying to figure out his next steps. His priorities are, he explained, “to work for balanced redevelopment in the area, bringing my constituents concerns to the decision-makers and ensuring timely responses.” He is also looking forward to working with the local community groups in the neighborhood.

In terms of getting to know his constituents in 4C07, John-Paul said he plans to hold two kinds of SMD meetings. The first are casual meetings held on a more regular basis that he’s hoping neighbors will host in their home, or in local businesses. The second are more formal meetings that he will host for specific topics or issues. (Let’s talk about the Riyad, JP!)

John-Paul tries to keep up with the numerous community meetings and intends to continue to do so. On those occasions when he is unable to attend a meeting, he plans on working with organizers to stay updated and involved. (Of course, I’ll probably have notes posted about the meeting…) ;)

If you are interested in hosting a casual SMD meetings in your home with your neighbors, he wants to hear from you!

“Thank you to all of my constituents in advance for your help and guidance. I can't do it without you!”

You can reach Commissioner Hayworth at:


ANC 4C meets the second Wednesday of each month. Our meetings begin at 6:30pm and are held at the Petworth Neighborhood Library at 4200 Kansas Ave, NW.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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