The "Bloomsday" marathon reading of Ulysses is back for its 5th year in Petworth, celebrating James Joyce


As is his annual tradition for the past 5 years,  Paul Ruppert is hosting his annual Bloomsday marathon reading of Ulysses by James Joyce, this time in partnership with Hannah Oliver Depp, owner of Loyalty Bookstore. The reading will take place at both Petworth Citizen (829 Upshur) and Loyalty Books (827 Upshur).

During the 36-hour marathon event, different readers will read the entire text, uncut and unedited, using the 1934 Modern Library Edition. It start at 12pm Saturday, June 15th and will finish up around 7pm on Sunday the 16th.

Last year there were 44 different readers (!), and this year actor and director Kate Debelack will read the final 75 minutes, which is the second half of the famous Molly soliloquy.

They’re also celebrating with a cocktails event at the Reading Room (at the back of Petworth Citizen), where mixologist Chantal Tseng will host her ongoing “Literary Cocktails” series, this one focused on Ulysses, naturally.

If you’re interested in reading, send an email to Loyalty Bookstore manager Katie Presley!