About those July 4th fireworks... Legal, not legal? Wanted, not wanted?

Local trashcans show the results of the evening's late night festivities

Another Fourth of July has come and gone, and trash cans around the neighborhood are over-flowing with the remains of rockets red glare and other implements of explosive celebration.

Some people love to buy and shoot off fireworks in the neighborhood, others love to go and watch those people shoot off fireworks, and some sit at home and fume at the noise, the sound and the mess afterward. Either you love the fireworks or you hate them. 

In Petworth, which apparently made the local news for the level of fireworks this year, the pops bangs and whistles of freedom rang until 3am in some places. I saw a few cars stopped on various streets with people sitting on the curb and on camping chairs, drinking beer and watching the neighborhood show.

Explosive fireworks are already illegal in DC, and responding to 911 calls must drive MPD crazy. According to DC law, fireworks that explode such as firecrackers of any kind, as well as cherry bombs, salutes, Roman candles, floral shells, and artillery shells are prohibited, as are anything with a fuse. The manufacture, storage, display, sale, setting off, or discharge of any firework in the prohibited list below is illegal in DC. (You can read more on this MPD-produced guidelines PDF.)

Basically, sparklers under 20 inches and other small "fireworks" are permissable. From the looks of things last night in Petworth, seems that message is either unknown or ignored. It was an evening of loud, explosive, colorful patriotism.

Jordan Rummel from Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd's office said, "We are glad so many Ward 4 neighbors chose to celebrate the 4th. That being said, we will continue to coordinate with MPD and DCRA to ensure that the spread and use of illegal fireworks is halted.”

Courtesy of theoatmeal.com