Petworth restaurants team up to give back to the Capital Area Food Bank

There's a pretty cool charity event taking place in Petworth and Columbia Heights tomorrow and Thursday. Spotluck, a restaurant-discovery mobile app created by a Bethesda company, is teaming up Petworth and Columbia Heights restaurants to make a collective donation to the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) as a thank you for all of their hard work, and to recognize that they have spent their holiday season away from family and friends in order to help others.

The Spotluck team will be collecting the food and serving lunch to CAFB on Thursday. The following “Spots” will be donating a tray of deliciousness: 

  • The Pitch Tavern
  • Chez Billy
  • D.C. Reynolds
  • Meridian Pint
  • Walter’s Sports Bar
  • Kangaroo Boxing Club
  • EatsPlace
  • The Pinch
  • Lou’s City Bar
  • Acre 121

Pretty neat way for local restaurants to help out a very worthy local charity.

About the Capital Area Food Bank: The CAFB is the largest organization in the Washington Metro area working to solve hunger and its companion problems: chronic undernutrition, heart disease, and obesity. The CAFB partners with 444 community organizations all over the DMV, as well as delivers food directly into hard to reach areas. They distribute 42 million pounds of good, healthy food annually to over 500,000 people in the metro area each year. As a next generation food bank, their focus isn’t just on eradicating hunger and its related problems, but also on limiting food waste, teaching healthy habits and overall wellness, incorporating technology to solve problems, and taking hunger off the map through advocacy. 

You can find more about CAFB on their website.

About Spotluck:  We work with over 275 DC area restaurants and group them by neighborhood. We make it fun to discover new places to eat (and solve the inevitable dining dilemma) by giving our users one “spin” per day. They land on one randomly selected restaurant where they receive a nice discount for that day, and that day only. All of our other restaurants offer lower discounts - sort of like a preferred pricing program for supporting local Spots (we don’t work with chains). The incentives are smart, and fluctuate based on day, time, weather, and other factors that affect consumer behavior (higher on Mondays, lower on Fridays; higher when it’s raining, lower when it’s sunny; etc.).

Learn more about Spotluck on their website.

Photo: Spotluck