Special ANC 4D meeting, Trinidad & Tobago gets license restored

Courtesy Google Maps

Courtesy Google Maps

ANC 4D has decided to hold a special meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at Truesdell Education Campus at 7pm. According to the ANC, the meeting is necessary for the ANC to vote on budget items that they were unable to vote on at the last meeting (and to “keep the DC auditor happy”). 

They will be inviting representatives from Horton Funeral Home at 600 Kennedy St NW, which has partnered with Manna, Inc., to build a 42-unit affordable-rent apartment building for seniors at his underutilized lot at 608 Kennedy St., which currently serves as a parking lot and carwash. The building is to be called Horton Village, and it is the first major new development on Kennedy St..

The ANC also plans on inviting representatives from ABRA to shed light on why the Alcohol Board negotiated an agreement with the Trinidad and Tobego Association, owners of Club House (5123 Georgia Avenue NW) to reinstate its liquor license.

ANC 4C and 4D have both passed resolutions asking that the Club’s liquor license remain revoked after numerous fights, underage drinking, trash complaints, noise complaints and even a request by Chief Lanier to revoke the license. The private club was the scene of a massive brawl that spilled out onto Georgia Avenue and closed down the street back in January. 

The ABRA board moved forward with the reinstatement without inviting either ANC nor the community to provide input, nor informing the ANCs.

The ANC 4D Commissioners encourage residents to attend the special meeting.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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