Get ready, Gilmoreversary is coming to Qualia in Petworth

(courtesy Netflix)

(courtesy Netflix)

By Zina Abdelaziz

On Wednesday, October 5th, Qualia Coffee will be transporting fans (and those that want a free cup of joe) to Luke’s Diner of Stars Hollows in the setting of the iconic WB show, The Gilmore Girls

Qualia is one of five coffee shops in the DC area that will be celebrating “Gilmoreversary” (the 16th anniversary of the airing of the pilot episode of Gilmore Girls – for those of us not in the know). 

Netflix is sponsoring this coffee shop transformation event across the country to build momentum around the four-episode revival of Gilmore Girls being released on the streaming service on November 25th. 

The event will take place from 7am-12pm on October 5th nationwide and Netflix will be providing fun props and signage to make for an authentic experience. 

"We're really excited for Wednesday,” said Qualia manager Jessica Abram. “Hoping to see fans come in and embrace the day as Luke's in honor of the Gilmoreversary."

As if free, high quality Qualia coffee isn’t treat enough, that free cup of joe will be housed in a custom “Gilmore Girls” cup and sleeve that you can hold smugly on your commute to work. If feeling smug about your fictional TV coffee cup isn’t your thing, there is also a free interactive treat under each sleeve (while supplies last).

“Customers will be in a mini-Luke's, from signage to cups, even the staff will have on Luke's items,” Jessica said. “From 7am-Noon we will be giving away house coffee in Luke's coffee cups, while supplies last.  And we will continue to use the cups from Luke's for the entirety of the day.  Customers will get surprises under their cup sleeves from quotes to snap chat codes. "

You can binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix tonight, set your alarm clock a wee bit early, download “Where You Lead” to your commuting playlist, and be sure to swing through Qualia to take part in what sounds like a fun event. 

Qualia Coffee
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