PSA 407 meeting cancelled, update from Lt. Anthony Washington

The PSA 407 meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 15th has been canceled. 

Our next meeting will be in February after the holidays and Inauguration.

I have spoken to most of the usual attendees throughout the month and we have made great progress towards the quality of living in our PSA.  PSA 407 is enjoying a double digit crime reduction thanks to the partnerships that we have established with you, the community.

We have made significant arrests that have resorted calm to the 900 b/o Crittenden and surrounding streets.

Currently, we are still actively patrolling the streets and alleyways between Gallatin and Buchanan, Georgia Ave to New Hampshire.

My sergeants have in place a a patrol plan to address the increase in stolen autos and theft from autos.  I'm sure you have seen the theft prevention flyers on your vehicles as well as the post I made in this email group.

This is the time of year when package thefts mostly occur. Do not forget the things we did last year to prevent package thefts from occurring. Things like having packages sent to work, a neighbors house, or a UPS designated drop off location in your neighborhood.  You can visit the UPS website for more details and locations.

I'm sure you all have seen Officers Topper and Castro in the neighborhood on segways.  Segways are a great way to increase visibility and the amount of area a foot officer can cover.

Officer Wilson has been actively patrolling the 800 b/o Upshur and is aware of the issues with juveniles after school.  Officers Frost and Glascock will also ride through on mountain bikes when they have the chance.

Things on my radar:

  • 4th and Taylor
  • Petworth Metro 
  • 500 b/o Randolph 
  • rear of the 3800 b/o 7th St
  • the alley behind the Velero Gas station 
  • 9th and Farragut 

Please continue to reach out to me via email if you have any concerns or questions.  As you know, I will promptly return your emails and do everything I can to resolve any issues.

Happy Holidays and continue to take care of each other!

"The essence of planning is to see opportunities and threats in the future and exploit or combat them by decisions made in the present."-Starling

Lieutenant Anthony Washington
Manger PSA 407
Fourth District