PSA 407 meeting Thursday

801 Shepherd St NW

If you live in Petworth east of Georgia Avenue and below Gallatin then you're in Police Service Area (PSA) 407. Lieutenant Anthony Washington is holding a PSA meeting on Thursday, June 16th at 7pm at 801 Shepherd St NW. 

If you have concerns about crime, want to ask MPD a question in person or offer a compliment, this is your best opportunity.

(PSA 404, led by Lt Raul Figueras, met Tuesday, June 14th at 801 Shepherd St NW).

Petworth News won't be covering the PSA meetings -- mainly because you should go to them. The ANC meetings can melt your eyes, but the PSA meetings are important to attend in person.

If you have questions, contact your ANC commissioner or MPD Lt. Anthony Washington.