Jasmin Benab, Mayor's liaison for Ward 4, moves on to a new position

Jasmin Benab presenting at an ANC 4C meeting.

Jasmin Benab is an amazing person: hard-working for the benefit of Ward 4, always present at community events, house fires, crimes and other places where a direct line to the DC Mayor's office was needed. As a "MOCR" for DC, Jasmin was the liaison for Ward 4 for the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services.

She is moving on to a new position in DC government working for the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety. I'm quite positive she will do an outstanding job there, but she will definitely be missed. 

Two new MOCRS liaisons will take over Jasmin's role: Keshawn Harris who will cover ANC4B & ANC4D  and Kelli Hunter who will cover ANC4A & ANC4C. 

Jasmin's email about the change is below:

Good Afternoon,

Over the last 3+ years it has been my absolute pleasure working with you to address concerns in your community. Mayor Bowser charged me with one task when I took this job, and that was to be as available and responsive as possible to the needs of Ward 4 residents. I believe I have met that goal head-on, and I am immensely proud and honored to have served the Ward 4 community. To date we’ve worked on over 2000+ concerns in Ward 4. We’ve spent countless hours at community meetings and on community walks and rapid responses. It has been challenging but extremely rewarding. 

But now the time has come for me to continue my professional development.  I will be moving on to the office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety where I will focus more on Public Safety in Ward 4 and across the District.  Although I will continue to support the MOCRS, this will be my last week as your Ward 4 MOCRS. 

I have the utmost confidence that the new Ward 4 MOCRS will continue carrying the torch that I proudly carried by building on our successes and learning from our shortcomings to foster better relationships with the community. I know you’ll treat them with the same respect and give them the guidance and patience during their transitional phase that you’ve showed me along the way.  We can’t be successful without you. 

This job is no walk in the park, as the spectrum of engagements varies from one minute to the next. Many times we’ve left heartbreaking crime scenes to attend community meetings to talk about issues like missed trashed or traffic congestion concerns. We’ve approached each meeting with the same temperament no matter what, as we know that no two neighborhoods are the same but the level of professionalism always must be. Mayor Bowser reminds us of  this and hopefully we’ve embodied this level of professionalism throughout our work in Ward 4.

Again, thank you all for your help in working with us for the betterment of Ward 4.  Thank you for all of your support and being patient as I learned something new every day from each of you.  

During the next two weeks, MOCRS will be in boot camp in order to prepare them for the work to come to better service the residents of Ward 4.  The Ward will be split up between 2 MOCRS, Keshawn Harris who will cover ANC4B & ANC4D  and Kelli Hunter who will cover ANC4A & ANC4C.  In the upcoming days I will share with you their new contact information and they will also be reaching out.

Jasmin Benab
Deputy Director
The Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Servies (MOCRS)
Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser

Jasmin poses for a selfie with Drew from 2015.