If it's Saturday, it's a Petworth Market Day

It's hot, humid and overcast, and it's a great time to head over to the Petworth Community Market. Special props to new neighbor Chris Jones and his dog Queen. Chris rode over to the Market from his new home on Kansas Ave on a kickin' long board (great exercise for cute Queen).

You can pick up cool Italian Oyster Mushrooms from Good Sense Farms. Abraxas and Curt Mariah are ready to tell you how great these locally sourced mushrooms are for grilling, sautéing, stir fry and more (good vitamin D). $5 a pint for the fungus, and they're also selling a homemade Umami Spice that's made of dried oysters, salt and other spices that they claim is phenomenal.

Michelle and Jared White from Confexion Connexion are having a good day at the Market selling their really tasty-looking baked good. "Petworth is our favorite market," said Michelle. (She's a smart one.)

If you forgot cash, you can purchase wooden Tokens to trade for items at the Market. Stop by the Info booth, staffed by Thelma Pippin and Bartek Stardaj.

Don and Colleen from Radix Farms have tables full of beautiful vegetables waiting, along with the opportunity to grow your own at home (green thumb not included).

Open Book Farms is quickly selling out of their organic eggs. Caitlin (sporting a nice Apple Watch "It's great for answering calls when you're hands are deep in the soil") said "The Petworth Market is fantastic, we always sell out here and the people are great." (She's also a smart one.)

And my daughter wants to send a special thanks to Jeb Gavin and the guys at Meat Crafters -- she's loving their bratwurst sausages. Pick up a freshly grilled sausage from the tent, throw some peppers and onions on top, wrapped in a brioche roll and your taste buds will thank you.

And a shout out to Chelsea Crawford from Kansas Ave and Carolyn Davis from Shepherd, waiting for Bentley's to open so Carolyn can snag the nice hardwood easel. (Stop by Bentley's Antiques on your way home and see what you can find!) And it was nice to see George Morgan, Michael Yugo and Commissioner Joe Martin on the way home!

The Petworth Community Market is open until 1pm today.

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Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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