Now you can get ice cream delivered, making life a little bit sweeter

When the call for Chunky Monkey is strong, now you can get it delivered.

Turns out that Town & Country Market at 823 Upshur Street NW isn’t just selling convenience inside their store, now they’re delivering it to your house. Delivering ice cream, that is.

Upshur’s long-time shoppette has partnered with Uber Eats to deliver pints of ice cream, and now my movie nights are complete.

Most ice cream is $6.99 for a pint, and they offer different varieties of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Talenti gelato, Magnum ice cream and more. There’s discounts if you buy multiples, because of course there is.

I never knew this was a thing! Ordering pizza or Chinese, sure… but ice cream? What’s next, flying cars?

And hey, save $5 on your UberEats order with promo code “eats-uberschdrew” — sweet indeed!