A new option for eating in: Get fresh and local food delivered with HUNGRY

For those times when you don’t feel like cooking, don’t want to leave the house and want to eat something better than takeout food.

Restaurant options in Petworth rock, from Latin-inspired to Japanese-inspired, from wood-oven pizza to a diner and so much more, going out and eating offers plenty of choice. But what if you want to stay home, don’t want to cook but still want really good food tailored to you? I found a good solution: HUNGRY, a local food delivery service that offers fresh and delicious high-quality food from local chefs. And Petworth News readers can get a $10 discount (see below)!

While the name of this new company is opposite of what you’ll be afterwards, it’s a good description of what they help fix in a delicious way. HUNGRY is the only food delivery service in DC that can deliver a freshly-prepared meal to your table in just three taps of an iPhone app or their website. The meal service was launched this summer by an Arlington-based start-up with the mission to connect you to a community of local chefs, some of which live in and around Petworth. 

Chef Tressa Lipkins (courtesy HUNGRY)

What you get are “soul-satisfying meals” from rising-star chefs. There are dozens of options each day and meals are tailored to your tastes, including diet, cuisine and allergens. Whether that’s Chef Tressa’s vegetarian southern-twist platter with grilled potatoes or Chef Christopher’s veggie burger with cilantro lime aioli, chances are there’s a dish for you.

Take for instance Chef Stacy Carroll. She’s a personal chef based on Capitol Hill and sources from local producers. And, she seasons each dish just right. 

Q: What’s one of your favorite places for food, right now?

Chef Stacey Carroll: I'm a big fan of Union Market, I live a couple blocks away and think it's a great mix of retail and food stalls. Red Apron is a personal favorite for their charcuterie, tap selection, and Ted the manager. He’s a great dude.  

Q: What’s one cooking tip that you would give to the at-home cook?

SC: Cardamom is one of the sexiest and most healing underused spices in the cabinet, if you're looking to add depth to a soup, or a stock, or even a fruit bread recipe - kick a little cardamom in there.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration for cooking? 

SC: My grandmother was an incredible cook, she insisted on keeping things simple, I remember one time, I put a line of paprika on her lobster bisque at Christmas… I near ruined the holiday by trying to "make it too swirled up.” Really, it's about putting love in the dish, and not being perfect.

Chef salad (courtesy HUNGRY)

Chef Carroll's dishes, like her grilled flank steak, are prepared daily, which means you can order date night in or feed the entire family, fast and simple. Make HUNGRY your connection to an exciting dining experience with a local DC chef who can unleash their talents and have their food delivered hot to your door. 

Get started now by downloading the app or signing up for an order online. From there, you can search for meals, discover new and exciting dishes, or check out the latest menus from local chefs. 

And, as a special offer for Petworth News readers, use promo code "PETWORTH" for $10 off your first HUNGRY order. But hurry, this offer expires January 1, 2017.

Get started with your first meal order now by visiting tryhungry.com!

Great packaging makes it easy to enjoy. (Courtesy HUNGRY)

Get $10 off your first order

Get $10 off your first order

I'm happy to share information about HUNGRY, a new Petworth News sponsor who wants to reach a local audience. Their delivered food is delicious and makes for a great option when you want a high-quality meal but don't want to leave the comfort of your home. Check 'em out and get a $10 discount using promo code "PETWORTH." Pretty cool.