Draft ANC 4C agenda for November

The following agenda is for the TUESDAY, November 10, 2015 public meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C.  The agenda, which is set during an executive committee meeting, is referred to as the “draft” agenda until adopted by the majority of Commissioners at its official meeting.

ANC 4C will host this public meeting in the lower level Community Meeting Room of the Petworth Library – 4200 Kansas Avenue, NW – beginning promptly at 6:30pm.
In honor of the November 11th Veterans Day holiday, the Petworth Library will be closed, shifting ANC 4C’s public meeting – normally held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month – to Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

An asterisk (*) appearing after a Commissioner’s name, indicates – time permitting – public comment will be considered for that specific agenda item.
1.     Call to Order
2.     Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners
3.     Approval of Agenda
4.     Reading and Approval of the October 14, 2015 Minutes
5.     Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Crowley
6.     Agency Announcements – (3 minutes per speaker)
        Dolly Turner – Councilmember Brandon Todd’s Office
        Khalil Thompson – Mayor Bowser’s Office
        Metropolitan Police Department – Lt. Anthony Washington PSA 407
        DC Fire/EMS – Holiday Safety
7.     Community Comment – (2 minutes per speaker)

1.     DDOT/WMATA Proposal – Seeking input on rerouting buses in order to access 16th St. from garage via Arkansas Ave. – Commissioner Galloway*
2.     Residential Parking Permits (RPP) – 800 block of Shepherd St., NW – Commissioner Jones
New Business:
1.     BZA #19112 – 307 Taylor – Special Exception: Conversion of single family home to 3-unit apartment building – Commissioner Crowley*
2.     BZA #19162 – 3901 Illinois – Special Exception: Addition to existing residence exceeding 60% of lot occupancy – Commissioner Crowley*
3.     1521 Varnum St. – Investigate legal advice from area law clinics – Commissioner Irwin*
Old Business:
1.   By-laws Amendments: Officers – Commissioner Irwin – The offices of secretary   
      and treasurer to remain separate from simultaneous holding of any other ANC   
      office.  (Reconsideration – 10-day notification to Council and OANC missed)

Note from Vice Chair Zach Teutsch, regarding the DDOT / WMATA proposal:
DDOT is considering making very substantial changes on 16th Street, in large part to improve bus service speed. They will be presenting about this at the next ANC meeting. They have a specific question for us. As part of the proposal they'd like to route empty buses on Arkansas to return to the bus barn at 14th just north of Buchanan. My impression is that they think this will improve service and lead to better functioning buses for all of us. They'd like our feedback generally, but especially on that aspect since it could specifically affect those who live near Arkansas Avenue. 

See the DDOT study >

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