Site Comments! We're turning off Facebook comments, keeping Disqus

(photo courtesy of Gramdominator)

Whelp, it's official, Facebook is a pain in the butt. Facebook started this great commenting system that allowed Facebook members to comment either here on the blog or on a Petworth News Facebook post, and have it appear in both places. Magic!

Well, the magic's over people. Facebook has turned off that handy feature, and now if you leave a comment at the bottom of an article here, it won't show up on Facebook, and vice versa. (Our Facebook page isn't changing, and you're free to leave comments on our posts there as well.)

Never fear, Disqus is here! ("Dis-cuss".... get it?)

We're going to keep the Disqus commenting system that has been at the bottom of articles for a while now. You can use it as a guest or anonymously (still need a legit email though), or use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to login and leave a comment. You can even use an alias.

Here's how to leave a comment using Disqus: 

When you click in the comment box ("Join the discussion"), the login field will appear. Either select one of the social media icons that appear at the bottom, or select from the "Login" dropdown at the top right of the commenting box. This way you can edit your submitted comments and receive notifications when others respond to your comments. You can use an alias (that is, not your real name) if desired.

Login as a Guest (aka, anonymous):

You still have to supply a name and an email address (required by our Terms & Conditions), but you can use an alias for your name. You will not be able to edit comments after you post them using the "guest" option.

Click in the comment field ("Join the discussion"), and the login field will appear. When you click in the "Name" field, it will expand the options, and at the bottom will be a checkbox for "I'd rather post as a guest." Fill out the fields, then check the box. 

That's it, pretty simple. You can still leave comments on Facebook, they just won't show up here on Petworth News anymore.