Car ends up in Grant Circle

A car crashed into the middle of Grant Circle last night. This isn't the first time this has happened... at least once a year there's a story about a car driving into the circle park, running over bushes and even taking out the lights. 

How do you end up in the middle of Grant Circle? Is the driver intoxicated, exhausted or driving with his/her eyes closed? (Medical condition perhaps?) What is it about the circle that makes this happen more than once?

Perhaps the new paint that DDOT is planning on putting down will help drivers see where the road is, and where it is not. 

According to 4D Commander Manlapaz, "The driver was cited with failure to pay full time and attention. No DUI/DWI involved. The driver was looking at their GPS when they entered circle and didn't look up until too late."

More about the upcoming Grant Circle paint in an article from Petworth News.

Source: Popville